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Clan Story=
Chaos and lies ruled the world. People were to blind to think for themselves. They thought they knew everything. The illusion of freedom was feed to them until they got sick of it. Some realised that pure freedom is in the mind and their power was absolute.
Only the bravest chose enlightenment, and for those everything became limitless.
Now all that is left to do is for those to unite.


What do you think this clan is about :
Belt :
Player's Card :
TimeZone :
Why do you want to join :
Special Skills :

Please use the application form. All belts are allowed to join, by decision of the members. The decision will be based on voting, if you get 4 no(s), then you're rejected. 10 votes will be the total.

Apply at our thread.

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=Application= STEALTHNIGGA17~*
What do you think this clan is about :
Belt :2nd dan
Player's Card :
TimeZone :GMT-5
Mods:judo,taekkyon,wushu,aikido,running, and mostly anymod.
Why do you want to join :Because i feel i can help this clan become official and they can help me improve my talents.
Special Skills :i can make videos,i can headpass,and im also got friends in other clans for more allies.
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