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[C.A.T] Cool as turtles are recruiting
we are recruiting

Welcome to [cat] recruitment

Are you mature?:
Why you want to join:
Post a awesome screenshot of you on toribash.
Post 3-5 replays

No flaming
No spamming
Be nice to members and non-members.

There was once a lonely man who had only 2 pets, a cat, and a turtle.
He wanted only one pet so he combined the 2 pets together. But a mistake happened, and he turned into the pet turtlecat. people kept teesing him saying he was 'cool as turtles'
He went rage and destroyed the city with his kitty cat claws.
The end.



Normal members:

Allies: Clan allies:


Now requesting single allies.
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I'll defeat them all and become unbeatable, unlike any other!
Belt: Green belt
Age : 15 years old
Are you mature ? : yes
Gender: Male
Why you want to join: because the story of clan are fun and because you want a menber and i'm a good gammer

this is me :

replays :
Im an independant Gamer my name is Kimonokun
hey ok your in
hey im reporting you for theft of my clan!
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But thi is
ok thinx i go on the forum talk with you =)
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Im an independant Gamer my name is Kimonokun
LOl hey JakJak1212 if you want join complete the "application" on the first and we looks this after ok ? ^^

and Halomon360 he as a bad gammer ? ok hes clan is dead beacause if you are bad gammer you have a bad clan and a bad clan are generally compose of noov ^^
Im an independant Gamer my name is Kimonokun