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[Flame] The Eternal Flame Is Waiting
The Flame will be born!

Clan story:

The eternal flame fills us with power! But ever since the flame has been taken,the task to find it became ours!
we always find people with potenionl!

freeform or make a normal application for now but put a screenshot or a player card!
requirments:at least be a blue belt with more than 75 posts and 3 votes to get in (if i get more members)
Leader (Center Flame):
co-leaders (chaos flames):

hestians/hestias (the hearth of flames):

Sparks (members):

no trolling/spamming
no enemie requests
dont bad-word the clan
the past clans were different, so dont mention them this is the best clan yet!
recruitment is started
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I'll defeat them all and become unbeatable, unlike any other!
hey arby im doin this for roflman80 kay?

Name: Roflman80

Belt: Blue

Post: will find out 2morrow

Why want to join: because you invited me.

remember i am your friend so can i be co-ldr


post:a few

why i want to join:because every other clan turns me down and i wanna kick their ass with friends
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