ToriCombat League
Sorry Man but you have to follow the rules,
Plus your in another clan already, That
wont work here.
~The Age Of Gaming~
Name: Itachi
Age: 16
Favorite modes: mushu, aikido, judo, parkour etc.
Forum activity: 8
In-game activity: 3
What to do for the clan: I can help in creating new content to donate to the bench, tc also do images!

My application was simple, if you want to know something about me ask via pm!
Ah Itachi ITS YOU, you changed your name. Lol any way, i like your forum activity but would like you to be more in game and a longer app, but i have seen you on forums, so i am a Maybe if you can get that 3 to a 5 it would be great for us.. Now just Assassin must answer . Good Luck.
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~The Age Of Gaming~
So... both of you vote yes.
Anyways, i think i met you ingame once or something, i remember that name, and you seems good member not bad, even if you are not really good member, you can be.
my activity ingame isn't very good too but i even go ingame every day, not just the forum.
So, if you be more active ingame i will make you pass the trial, as for now, my vote is yes, i will invite you as a trial member, i don't know how long but we will see, but i must see you ingame
So, you will be counted as a trial member when you accept the invite now.
krisis13 was defeated by 00Assassin00 on Jun 16, 2016.
Mudbox is Shit :<
Yay Hes A twial member now! Ok so the in game is going to improve, and assassin nice cards.
~The Age Of Gaming~
i am awyang [ACNE ingame] want to join your clan. i am green belt. rank 35414[ it really dosen't matter].................i just wonna join you to get the feeling of a toribash i like all mods........don't like to /sp..........hate when people quit when they loose....... i need nothing , in fact i can give you 500 tc if you take me in 'cause i don't like to dress by toribot like a doll!!..........i like to be simple , play simple but , make opposition complexty paradoxed........also i am insane [i admit it] ................ and that would be that.......
thnx gargon, xD
too simple, whatever you did, we will not accept you, YOU ARE 100% DIDN'T READ FIRST POST!
Minimum belt to apply is Blue

krisis13 was defeated by 00Assassin00 on Jun 16, 2016.
Mudbox is Shit :<