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Want to join the replay makers?
To apply for entry, you have to post three replays for the recruiters to analyse. These replays are suggested to fit under several different styles so that we can have a better overview of you as a replay maker. These three replays could be, but not limited to the following:
  • Madman
  • Decap
  • Split
  • Dancing
  • Skateboarding
  • Realism
  • Manipulation
Make sure they're the best replays you've made and with that, I bid you good luck in your application for ORMO.

  • Please post exactly three replays. No more, no less.
  • This thread is for applications. That means, please don't post here just to get help on a replay. We have a different thread for requesting help.
  • Please wait at least one month between applications. One WHOLE month, that is.
  • No collabs, or using openers made by anyone else (that includes opener challenges), please. This is about you and you alone.
  • NO REPLAY THEFT. You will be banned from ORMO when we find out.
  • haze/waifu/shiro/cats
Applications from banned users will be ignored.


"Leaning to yes/no" no longer counts as a vote. The recruiter must make a CLEAR decision.

An applicant is:

Accepted if he gathers more than twice as many YES votes than NO votes.
Denied if he gathers less than twice as many YES votes than NO votes.

In other words, 2 YES votes equal 1 NO vote.

If an applicant gathers exactly twice as many YES votes than NO votes, he will be asked to post a 4th replay. The recruiters who previously voted on his original application will then vote on this 4th replay in the next weekend. If the votes balance eachother out once again, the applicant is rejected.

Everything else remains the same, you still need to wait 1 month until you can apply again.
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