you have two options, choose one.

A) Who's alt are you?
B) Who did you steal replays from?
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wow that
lol kurokaen the first one idk whos that is. the second looks like the start of a pusga replay and the third idk that one either, but yeah I don't believe those are your replays.

and haluejah please post three separate replays

Ok so Whale the first replay opener is ok, but I dont like the knee tap on the ground. it is an ok manip, but most of your hits aren't really defined. sure uke is spinning, but most of the time you're kinda just sliding your hand along his back and its making him spin a little. there are a few good hits in there and the dms are pretty nice.

ok so second replay. ima start off by saying you look like you're having a very hard time moving. like when you try and spin you dont get that good kick or push off the ground so you have to do it multiple times to get the spin you want. the hits in this one were a little better but far from clean. i have no problem with the split, but that grab you get is not the best and if you got a better one you could have got a much better hit. also other than the manip its really simple, but i guess after making a manip it gets tiring so i understand.

ok third replay. movement wise and dm wise this is by far the best out of the 3. so i like the opener nice spins n stuff. when you go for the actual lift the first hit is fine, but the second its like all your momentum just stops. i do like how you use that hand to get under uke that was pretty slick. most of the hits in the middle of the manip were pretty solid. ok so the first could of dms were ok, but raising and lowering your arm like that looks kinda weird. the last dms were kinda bad. the dms themselves werent bad, but how you got them were. you're pretty much just falling over and slamming ur knee and shin into uke and it doesn't look very good imo.

so overall im gonna have to say no. Work on smoothing out your movements and work on getting cleaner hits and dms.

ok so rnyitcpk the first replay. This is actually pretty nice. movement seems clean and smooth. no problems with the direction change. i do have a problem with the sudden increase in speed though. when you transition from opener to dms you speed up hella quick. makes it look really jerky so yeah. i like the actual dms. the way you break off your hand is nice and clean, but the skeet coulda been so much harder. you had it right on the tip of your foot and you kinda just flick it. i would have loved to see a really hard kick skeet.

ok so second replay. the start is really weird, but w/e. nice movement again. ok so manip was nice. it did seem like it got better towards the end. there were some nice hits, but there were also so eh hits. so first dms were nice, but the transition into the second set was pretty eh. again you had a sick skeet setup, but got 0 power from it. sure you got the decap but that was from hitting the ground. so yeah that was kinda meh.

ok holy fuck im tired of typing. so third replay. ok so as im tired and wanna stop this is gonna be kinda of an overall type thing. so movement was not as good as the first 2. you look really sluggish. the dms were also kinda meh just due to the overall flow of the replay. dont get me wrong the dms themselves were nice its just how you transitioned wasnt that good. tbh if you had a sick third replay i might have said yes. id like you to post one more please.
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