Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
I found one when using the "More by <author>" function on one of my replays twice.

I tried to mess with the "More by <author>" function (as seen in the screenshot below):

click me

Then i clicked the same button again in a hope of refreshing list, the UI died and appeared as the screenshot below.

click me again

To replicate it, simply select one of the "Community Replays" items on the list, then click "More by (author)" button, and when it loads a new list, select one of the replays and click it again, the UI will glitch and most of the buttons will dissapear, including the list.
Hello, i found 2 new ones.

If you use the search function, and choose "By popularity", a list of replays will appear, well, if you decide to rate one of them 5 or 4 stars, this will happen.

click me

The other one is that the "By rating" function is not working nor listing any replays, i dont know if it counts as a bug but i thought to report it as well.
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