Re: Amazing Boxing
Bullhorns was the funniest thing I've seen for a while.

Loving the odd half spin that the arms do XD
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Re: Amazing Boxing
chest punch = nasty
pose = ehhh...
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Re: Amazing Boxing
You have got some nice replays there Dafe.

Originally Posted by Dafe
Shouldn't you not be allowed to grip in boxing?

All of my good punch replays have gripping, so I wouldn't call them boxing. I'll attach one anyway.

Uppercut Uke's head off. There's some nice enter the dragon sort of fist shaking going on prior to the hit. I think I had the dismemberment threshhold at 150.

I can do the same punch and take off one of his body parts with out gripping but then i cant come in for a second punch. Here are some replays where i dont grab. The superhardpunch replays are pretty cool. Boxinguppercut is a really nice uppercut.
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Re: Amazing Boxing
Deerslayer invented sticky hands for boxing (as seen in the promo videos).

What he did was to grab for right after the punch hit and then release a frame or two later to maintain balance. Something for your boxing styles perhaps.


Topic 18 btw :P so the replays will be glitchy in there.
Re: Amazing Boxing
Right hook, left hook, matrix posturing, some kick, and a jump kick.

Basic combo.
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