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The HOLY CRAP move!!
A really cool (and lethal) move I made this morning ^^
It kills, n destroys uke to a point where you cant recognize him 0_0 lol, im pretty prout of it

Demo settings;

Hold all
Extend left pec
Contract right pec
Raise both shoulders
Left rotate chest
Left bend lumbar
Extend abs

Space X1

Lower right shoulder

Space X3

Lower left shoulder
Grab left hand

Space X2

Contract left elbow
Contract left wrist
Extend both hips
Extend right glute

Space X1

Contract knees
Extend both ankles

Space X1

Extend left wrist

Space X1

Extend left elbow

Press P



Re: The HOLY CRAP move!!
it makes torigods shit their pants? :o *goes off to test move*

edit: haha, good move!
Re: The HOLY CRAP move!!
I just shit my pants :o
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Re: The HOLY CRAP move!!
You should end up having his head in your arm, and having uke parts flying all over. while you shouldnt loose any parts. perhaps you forgot the last part with extending the wrist and elbow... if you dont, you'll lose your arm...
Re: The HOLY CRAP move!!
worked as this to me:my wrist fell off, my knees broke, hips shredded off and my lumbar broke um
Re: The HOLY CRAP move!!
Remember - Threshold 100%, distance 100cm, no mods. Worked for me... And indeed, it were a good move.

Most of the time I only tend to rip uke into 4 peices... Including his lower half. That just makes mine look terrible XD
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