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long range jump kicks
Well, had alot of fun today making replays, i think they are pretty good but i will keep improving, comments please.
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4halfandheads.rpl (28.9 KB, 30 views)
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Re: long range jump kicks
They be mighty impressive! I liked 4jump... But I can't help but think they're editted (the score goes down to zero in 4jump) but I can't check cos I have an old version of toribash ><.

In any case, still looks hella cool.
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Re: long range jump kicks
no they're not editted. in the old version I can see why you think that though. In Toribash 2.2 there aren't points if you make the opponent touch the floor :P But its a good few kicks (pounce... kick!!!)
Re: long range jump kicks
yeah qegola, the reason why the score whent down to 0 wasbeacause the replay started over again.
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