How to instagib
Heres an awnser. people have been asking me "How do you instagib stuff?"

Heres how: when youre making a mod and you want a part of your body instagibbed just type "flag 6" underneath the body part eg:

body l_hand
flag 6

body head
flag 6

And thats how to instagib!
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Who made the Jeet Kun Do mod? I must know!

I did the JeetKuneDo mod. However, I'm still trying to learn how to change the starting stance. Maybe in a future version when I figure that out.
need help modding
i need a mod file with the classic body config for toribash. if anyone has one, please post it here. thanks in advance.
-Bloodyday (if you havent figured it out yet) save them to the mods folder in CProgram Files\Toribash-2.7\data\mod (if you have mac then i donno)

-SsenKrad rotation rotates things by degrees, mess with it a bunch =/

-theratdude ya should have searched for it >.<
here: http://www.box.net/shared/yi9xzinlxv
well that not really detailed.. so.. umm..

when you download them
1. make sure that they are in your mods folder
2. make sure they are .tbm
3. there are 3 ways to play mods:
- you can use toriluanch (which is in the 1st post of my suggest a mod thread) even if your not registered
- you can go into the menu in-game and click "mods" can scroll down to the mod you want
- you can type: "/lm [mod name].tbm" by pressing "T" in-game. example: /lm sumo.tbm

if nothing works tell me =D
Umm... im wondering how to get the mod creator....umm..yea so it would be nice if u could tell me where to download it Thanks!