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Some shit Tricking :P
Yo wasup, Here is my bad tricking. Enjoy!
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You're doing really good so far! I think you need a little more speed to make your replays look more interesting (I like quick tricking). I'd work on some of your set ups, especially how you go into a launch pose to do things. Your first two replays were really really similar. You're doing awesome for a blue belt, keep it up!

Also, you can only "Bump" a replay after 24 hours after posting the original post. There's a reason why your bumps didn't work.
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Oh. Thanks and ill try to improve.

I had a other account but I didn't like it. Thanks for telling me about the bumps
KillerBot your pretty good i can barley run the do a cork. D;
Run To Cork
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Thanks man I try and come up with better, in the mean while go check my other replay thread below this thread. It will help a lot
Jclark is possesing me!- Run was fine but I don't l;ike how suddenly you contracted your elbows. everything after that was cool, you minimized your moving joints enough to where it looked smooth. Good job
Have a great day, thanks for looking at this post I guess.
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Thanks man
I suck
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