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Donkey's Permanent Replay Thread
I swear on me mum this is my final thread.

P.s. It's really fucking hot, hence the title.
P.p.s. Download my customs, Got my set back \o/
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father of philip scone
Opener was cool as fuck but you slowed down a bit because of the weird rotating chest thingy.
I loved the split but you should of went for atleast the split cap u fgt ily 10/10 would watch replay again.
i am the best in toribash
I tried for a decap after when i realised that my foot was close to his head, but I didn't have enough force in my leg to get his head off, plus I didn't wan't to move much more, it would of killed the replay.
Thanks for the CnC
father of philip scone
This laquisha bitch be pretty weak in the knees.
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father of philip scone
i dont like how you contracted and extended immediately to get that boost for a kick

1st kick didnt look powerful, 2nd kick was ok

nice pose
work on the opener, it was generic and not well executed

the way you froze for 21 frames looked bad even though you told yourself it didnt maybe

work on movement if youre not gonna go for any insane dms