this replay got better as it went on

the first jump i assume was just to set up for what you were doing, but the raised arms as you went into it looked out of place

the kick was sort of nice but i'm not sure if you were going for a b-kick. if you were the landing should have been more vertical but if it was intended then i can't fault it.

that last jump was sexy as shit. really nice takeoff and the twit was nice too. yet again though, when you did the kick your landing wasn;t vertical enough so you had to sue a hand, which i don't have too much of a problem with but it doesn't look intended

haven't seen you around for a while though, wb ^^
The first jump was cool but terribly executed. I see what you were going for, but you didn't really get there but it was still a nice try.
Everything after that fl0wed perf and had that spry feel to it
gg, nice 2 see u around brah
Nice replay spry, the first trick was cool, but something went wrong for me, i don't know how to say what was wrong, whatever.

The rest of replay was well done and that last trick was sexy.
Thanks guys, here's something i did for surgical toribash thing. I'm not sure how it turned out as I wasn't focused on making this replay
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As I watched that replay, I suddenly thought of a typewriter, I think it might be because of how you moved when you dismembered uke's arms and left knee.

Or maybe its just my twisted imagination...
Heart of Gold
Opening movement till you got to uke was sweet as always. I didn't like the slowness nor the awkwardness of the little manipulation-y thing. Can't really bash the dms because of the event but there were some twitches.
For me what really makes this replay is that little god-tier forehead wipe at the end. I adore those little touches, when done well like this one.