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Bloo's Thread of Replays
Hey m8s, I just wonna get sum Cnc frum som gud gents nd improve me sp skllz pls dont rek me wit hrtfuls
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@Olympu's Might~Nice booms you got there the opener seems nice I think you could have pulled it off better starting with some momentum but I personally think it was great.

@Circle Of Light~Once again same thing here I personally think your replays would look even more great if you added some good speed and combine those sexy hits toghether got a nice spin there and all was pretty nicely executed.

Overall nice replays I hope to see more from you. ;)
Olympus's Might: Basically what Laruz said, though I would have gone for a decap.

Circle of Light: Damn. Out of all replays I've CnC'ed today, I have to say that this one is the best so far. Maybe a good pose would be a great ending to an awesome replay
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very nice bloo the chest boom replay is quite good
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Hey Bloo

Chest Boom: Nice opener, it was a little slow, and wasn't anything super flashy, but it did the job. The kick though, that was pretty sweet. Pretty well formed, and it got a lot of dismembers. The skeet was pretty nice, but wasn't fantastic. I thought the pose could have been better, but oh well. Well done :]
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Opener was strange but I liked it. It's a shame you didn't get that cork, but it was a good try. I think you could get it if you edited just a tad more. The next flip was really cool, light and flashy. I liked the landing.

I might have ended it a little faster though (Like this pose)
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