1.5k staff self spar. Nice.

Pretty smooth over all. It had quite a few changes in your flow, but you can't be perfect when you're using staffs. I liked the way you used the staff on the ground to pivot around to other places during the spar. There wasn't a whole lot of really nice hits. I didn't like the handspring thing at 1170, I didn't think it looked very realistic. You stayed on your feet well.

Well done!
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Twitches here and there, some indirect movement changes,
That's litterally everything that's bad or atleast a little outsdanding, But i do know, staffs and weapons are hard as fuck to controll, even harder in a selfspar,

Otherwise, amazing moves, amazing combat
and the lenght of the fight makes it better, love the blocks.
I could not of done it better and as always you do impress the shit out of me.

And aswell, Realism and flow throughout the replay is outstanding,

Good job Old friend
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
Hey look a self spar!! haven't seen those in a long time, and I sure miss them, and what better way to have a taste of it from the ol' Chaz

Everything was good and yeah what xioi said there's some twitches here and there but it was entertaining, loved the epic ko at the end, was really creative.
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Thanks for your opinion guys, important to know that other noticed the twitchy parts too =P
There is alot room for improvements, ill work on that