I think you leaned a bit too far back on your initial jump which made the kick look a bit awkward, I like the idea though. Movement is looking smooth, just pay more attention to the momentum your ghost has as you leave the ground as it looks far better to get a clean initial trajectory rather than fix it midair to force a good landing

nice cool stuff like the opener
raiz did make me a bit sad, the toe launch and it being underrotated

cool cork aswell but since the raiz was underrot ur glute and lumbar dieded,,
EMS (Emergency Medical Services) | PT
não dói joca
da don uploads a parkour replay thats kinda nice i love the style u got, looks very cleanington no unnecessary movement just straight to the point

bboy kinda clean, some weird movements but they get covered up by the big speens and also try not to c9 challenge lucci (impossible)

keep posting am watching
EMS (Emergency Medical Services) | PT
não dói joca
halu and I have come back with a lil collab. (theres no c9 in here i swear)
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