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Welcome Gamers!

The Event Squad has redefined the in-game hosting scene and proudly presents: WEEKEND Bash!
Alongside our regular in-game events all week round, we bring to you something extra special after a tiring week.
That's right, MASSIVE events, with BIG prizes, EVERY WEEKEND.

WEEKEND Bash! is an all new extravagant series of recurring in-game events brought to you by the Event Squad.

If you prefer some genuine competition, come around on Saturdays when we'll be hosting
COMPETITIVE ETourneys with your favorite sweaty mods! (Boxshu, Lenshu, ABD, ErthTK, Rk-mma and more!).
Because on Saturdays, we go big, with huge winnings and BIG rewards!

Every Saturday 6 PM, GMT +0
Competitive ETourney

Mods: It's a surprise. May be announced some weeks, may not be during others.

This is where we go big. Brace yourselves.


Note: Only ITEM prizes are changed every week. TC / ST rewards stay constant.

*We have temporarily discontinued Sunday events. However, an event may be announced ahead of time and hosted despite this.

This shows when we'll be hosting in your local time.

Announcements for item prizes & mods every Wednesday.
Check the most recent announcement post in this thread.
Our events are always hosted at /jo wb

Toribash Global Rules apply as usual.
There's going to be a big crowd, so be nice.
Just, don't be the person ruining everyone's evening.

Failure to comply will most likely get you blacklisted from future ES events.

Event types
ELounge - You'll find 2-3 ES members, chill with us. 250 TC / win. Trivia. Fun mods. We take mod requests from chat. NO 1st and 2nd rewards here.
EVictory -Simple, highest wins in 2 hours gets 1st and 2nd place rewards.

EHotseat - You'll face us in the hotseat, we may take turns and swap out since its a long event. You'll win 1 ST per win.

ETourney - Your regular knockout tournament with the WEEKEND Bash! twist (big rewards & first to 3 finals).

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WINNERS for February 3rd <3
1st Place: Yonker
2nd Place: Duke

We'll see you again next weekend, stay tuned, stay excited.

Announcing the next WB and rewards.

February 10th (8pm GMT)
ETourney: The mod is aikidobigdojo.tbm
1st Place:+ 125k + 7 ST
2nd Place:+ 75k + 4 ST
+TC, ST, and random items for trivia!!!
WINNERS for February 10th <3
1st Place: Viraly0
2nd Place: Stonette

Next weekend bash cancelled, stay tuned for the new and improved WB!

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Roadmap for Weekend Bash will be up next week!
Apologies in advance for the delay, keep your eyes peeled for the update <3
March’s Weekend Bash Schedule!
Week I - Modlist EVictory (Saturday @8pm GMT) & ELounge (Sunday @8pm GMT)

Week II - Shaolinbostaff ETourney (Saturday @8pm GMT) & EBets (Sunday @8pm GMT)

Week III - Golem EHotseat (Saturday @8pm GMT) & Art Competition (Sunday)

Week IV - Modlist ELounge (Saturday @8pm GMT) & Replay Event (Sunday)

Prize Pool Week I
1st Place) 50k + 4 ST +
2nd Place) 25k + 4 ST +
+ items +

Prize Pool Week II
1st Place) 50k + 4 ST +
2nd Place) 25k + 4 ST +

Prize Pool Week III
2 ST per win
Art Competition:
The prompt is a shin and thigh texture that compliment each other (follow rules no plagiarism, nudity, etc...)
Deadline is Friday @4am GMT post all submissions in this thread or message my discord 69samu69
Best Texture) 100k + 5 ST + 512x512 left or right thigh and shin texture
Honorable Mention) 25k + 2 ST + 512x512 left or right thigh and shin texture
Participation Prize) 5k + 256x256 left or right thigh and shin texture

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