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Have your event sponsored by the Event Squad!

We here at the Event Squad have one prime goal in mind - to bring you the the most grandiose events,
with the most creative ideas; and sometimes, these ideas come from you: the community.

We eccentrically offer the opportunity to have your event sponsored by our team.
This provides a pathway for you to bring your idea into the limelight and give the community something to enjoy and partake in - without having to pay out of your own pocket.
This would also provide you with a platform where you'd have our support and advice in manifesting a cluster of ideas into a well-functioning event.

Services we provide
-Advice and insight during construction and launch of your event
-Sponsorship with TC and item prizes
-Providing advertisement via forum banner / discord announcements / in-game broadcasts
-Custom mods to fit your event idea
-Banner art commissions

(you may pick at most 3 services per event you're sending through)
Note: ST & Custom 3D items are not an option in the prize-pool for non-ES events.

Regarding custom mods
If you'd like your event to be hosted with a custom mod idea of your choice or something unique in general, this would require the Mod squad to be involved directly with your event launch.
Following your suggestion, we would discuss the possibilities with our mod team and get back to you with the outcome.
On the off chance the event or the mod requested is not feasible, we would be contacting you to discuss alternatives.
The same goes for mods that you may request for your event.

Policies of this system
-The Event squad is under no obligation to follow through with your suggested event idea / prizes / mods and we may dismiss your PROP at our discretion.
-The Event squad may intervene during the running of your event to moderate any suspicious activity / participance taking place without prior notice.
-The Event squad will be prioritizing ES projects; as such there may be delay in processing your request.

Essentially, you will be running your event where we would be providing you a backbone and support, ensuring things go smoothly.

How do you apply?
Simply send an Event Squad member your PROP / idea via a forum PM so we're able to discuss with the team and get back to you. You can view the list of current ES members here.
If you're not sending through a prepared PROP, please put effort into cohesively explaining your idea in an organized manner.

An event suggestion you wish to get sponsored must include:
-a clearly stated prizes section
-clearly stated rules
-an original event idea with a goal

-description of mod request (if applicable)

Here's a thread that may help with your prop design.
Use this thread for clarification or quick evaluations according to your convenience.