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Ramadan Raffle
Welcome To Sigkun's Raffle giveaway!

This event is a big raffle that will continue thru out the month of Ramadan until the Eid which will have the big prize (Full 512x w Joints + Liu Kang set) along with many other awesome prizes, all to give back to the community, because you all deserve it, Enjoy!

List of items that can be won during the raffle,

Cyborg set
Skeletal Tori set
Full Valkyrie Set x2
Drake set
Longfall Boot L+R
512x set x4
512x joints set x2
512x head x2
Cherokee Head Texture (512px) x1
256x joints set x1
256x head x1
128x joints set x3
128x set x1
Armblades L+R
Baby Dragon
Bowler Hat x2
Bunny Ears
Lop Bunny Ears
Cube Head: LVL 1
Cube Head: LVL 2
Egg Head
Football Helmet
Gentleman's Essentials
Gentlemen's Mustache
Iron Chain
Gold Chain
Googly Eyes: LVL 1
Googly Eyes: LVL2 x2
Half Helmet
Head Sign
Mecha Arms set
Odd Mask (Twitch Halloween Edition) x3
Officer Cap
Plague Doctor Mask
Rubik Fists L+R
Santa Hat
Streamer Headphones
Sword In The Stone

Fire god Liu Kang By alejandro!
(512x body + joints included)

How to enter!

Reply back to this thread and say “I’m in” to be added into the raffle



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DM if interested in buying/selling TC & Art.
I'm in
<a href=https://imgur.com/gallery/AnXm6 target=_blank>https://imgur.com/gallery/AnXm6</a>
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