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(Flip) Scale The Tower
you guessed it, we are back for another one of these.

Hello and welcome to our second event, we've upped the prizes you guys will be able to earn and got a brand new parkourmap made by our very own, J4rr3, so dont mess with the set rules of the mod (except for turnframes, if you feel like it).

So lets get into it, much like our first event, we had held a little over a month ago we will be a hosting parkour event where the goal of the map is to reach the end and join uke on the bench at the top. Youre free to take any route you want to, by any means you might deem necessary. You wanna be the fastest? We got prizes for that! You accidently hit your nuts on an obstacle and made a comedic masterpiece? We got prizes for that too! You wanna make the best replay possible and make the other competitors jealous of your skill? We got lots of prizes for everything!

Speaking of prizes, we will be giving away 175k TC in total with some addicitonal items depending on where your replay ranks. In simple terms that means we got:
25k TC for the fastest replay
25k TC for the funniest replay
50k TC and a Full Quicksilver Pack for 2nd best replay
75k TC and an Ukeplush item for the best replay

All you gotta do to get to the bag is download the attached mod, make a replay and either submit it on this thread or on our discord. The deadline will be the 14th of january, although we might extend it if most of you guys will be too wraped up in christmas and new years to submit a replay on time.
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