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Style's Donation Hall

Welcome To Style's Donation Hall
Only One Request Per Person
No Limit On Belt Everyone Can Apply
Just Fill Out The List Below
( Only Once Per Person )
IGN Name:
Belt+Games Played:
Whats Your Favourite TB Items:
Item You Pick:
The Items You Can Pick Can Be Check Here

Will Update The Donation Box From Time To Time With New Items
*If interested to Contribute to the Donation Box Feel Free To Do So And Your Name Will Be Listed Under Here*
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Sprytryne Sent 4 Items to The Donation Box
Xaeon Sent 10 Items To The Donation Box
Corey Sent 4 Items To The Donation Box

(Ends On Last Day Of Ramadan)
> Lucky Draws <
Full Ruined (Packed) Missing Group 3 [Main Hit]
Void Force [Main Hit]
Full Aurora [Main Hit]
Random Tier II Joint
Random Tier V Joint
Supernova Force + Tooned Shading
128x128 Body Texture Packed
The Instruction Are Simple, You Can Pick 3 Numbers From 1 To 1000
The Draws Will Start From the Bottom To the Top
Good Luck Everyone And Enjoy
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IGN Name: Xaeon
Belt+Games Played: 4th Dan Black Belt, 4567 games played
Whats Your Favourite TB Items: Boxing and Muay Thai 3D sets
Item You Pick: Raptor Force pls

Numbers: 123, 777, 654

I will donate stuff too B)
hampa Moderated Message:
q dice illo
replay maker kinda
IGN Name: LifeBelt+Games Played: Master Belt 9311 games played
Whats Your Favourite TB Items: Demolition items
Item You Pick: Quicksilver force ples

Numbers 555, 564 and 136
R.I.P Static
IGN Name: paredesguga
Belt+Games Played: Brown Belt 877 games
Whats Your Favourite TB Items: Flames
Item You Pick: Hunter Force

Numbers: 374 527 74
IGN Name: WeooWeoo

Belt+Games Played: Custom Belt (without monies i'd be master) 15183 Games Played

Favorite TB Item: I really be wanting full cell shading dude

Item Picked: Meteor Blood pls

Numbers: 247, 686, 23

"Dear reader, I hope this email finds you before I do."