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fuck shit does the plugin work for mac?!

The normal map filter in gimp doesn't even need a plugin, it's already in filters -> map -> normal map.
i need help... i cant get my bumpmap to show up, i made the picture and converted it to bumpmap etc. and uploaded it but it wont show up in game... do you need the texture as well as the bumpmap texture for it to show? like do i need Bumpmap Left Hand Texture as well as Left Hand Texture?? shaders are off and bumpmap is turned on.
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Bumbmap doesn't work at all on 3.8 along with alot of other things. They probably should put a big sign or trend informing the uninformed about known bugs and glitches. Or better yet temporary disable bumpmap on the shop until it works.

People will get sued if they sell a laptop that doesn't work in real life, can't see how the same principle doesn't apply here since their are people that use actual money to buy those TC.
thanks alot mate and spot on with that, ah well ill just put it in my inventory until it works=D
ty again
texturer - itry
how can i make a map for Toribash?

This is not a map for Toribash, this is a texture overlay that adds depth to the texture. Questions that are not about this tutorial should be asked in support
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(is this a legal bump since im asking about the tut?)
How do you download the gimp file and where to.

If you read the third line...

I want to know where to put the fucking file.
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if u look to the right then u'll find the download (.zip file)

after that go extract the files and click "read me" and that file will explain the rest of the thing u need to do if u know that then idk anything else
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