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[WIP/DISC] Toribash In-game Bot

I'm developing an in game bot for Toribash for either clan, betting or tourney hosting use.

I've taken inspiration from both Surge and Fran's bots.

The current features are:

* Server Viewer (shows all currently open servers on Toribash and gives you the ability to join them)
* Information Command (shows information on specified user)

I am looking for new ideas and suggestions on what to add to this. I will be releasing the source publicly after I've added any features you guys can give me.

It does require your username and password as it uses it to do the /login command when joining servers.

I have thought about adding the ability to chat in game with people without the use of the Toribash game itself.

Planned features:

* To be decided

I'd also like to mention that the bot cannot completely control servers it can only be used as a "helper". Please consider this when posting your suggestions.

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to everyone's ideas.
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