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[DISC] Betting Server Bot
Hi everyone, I'm working on a bot for hosting betting servers (totally original, I know). Of course, credit for this idea goes to Fran's great project.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in using this. It would (probably, depending on man-hours) be free and open source, but some stuff might be limited.

Posting here generally to find out if this is worth my time; if nobody wants it then I won't work on it.

Right now, the bot can log into a server and spectate.
THIS is a great idea! It can make bet servers more organized and efficient. I've talked to Fran about making this bot for Casino. But, of course it would be helpful to other bet servers as well. Like ReddBets, DBets, ManiBets, and anything with (bets). It would be amazing to have this bot around to help out. Since sometimes host can, nudge too slow, not cancel bets and fknock, go afk and not have a co-host, etc. I've been looking forward to a bot like this. BUT, to keep off spam and to not ruin bot, I recommend having it to where you have to be Verified (yes like tc sellers) to access the bot. So it's not summoned for no reason or out of the blue. If you proceed to do this project, good luck! Can't wait to see it in action.
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