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[Request] 512 Body+Head, surreal/unorthodox styling
What's up.

I'm looking to commission a set from an artist. USD.

500$ USD max
yeah, im serious.

The set would have the base force/lax colors of Astro and Persian, and the theme I'm looking for is celestial surrealism. We're talking some third eye type stuff, here.

As a base to look at for the design, I was thinking of something in a similar vein to League of Legends' Dark Star/Dark Cosmic skin line (i dont play league but the art looks cool ok)

I would prefer an artist who's familiar in the realms of both surrealism and asymmetry (asymmetry wont be required in the final product, but i would prefer it be kept in mind)

you can contact me through discord @pepperine#4568 , fastest way to reach me if you're interested in taking this on.

the price really is secondary to me, a quality one of a kind set is my goal here.
all is as all should be