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Special Tourney Per Month
Okay, I was thinking that maybe every month there could be a special server which is open for 1 week. This tournament works like this: You will fight the tournament like any other knock out tournament. If you are to win a tournament you are given a +1 (win points). If you lose a tournament you can always retry to get a +1. The person who has the most +1's by the end of the week will be given 25000TC. There could be about 2-3 servers for this because a lot of people may want to enter the tournament. Of course there are special events for stuff like this but this way nobody has to be giving away TC for free and it is much less of a hassle.

I understand it will probably be a pain to set up the bot for something like this so if this gets un-supported because of that then that is understandable, but it wouldn't kill to try.

I was thinking there could be a fair mod for each server.

Server 1: ABD
Server 2: Taekkyon
Server 3: Ninjutsu

Each one of this mod has its downsides (like all mods) but these were the first that came to my mind when I thought "pro".

To see tourney leader board: /tlb (showing the top 10)
To see how many points you have: /mtlb
imo it will encourage people/clans to rotate playing on one account/mutliclienting the account in said 2-3 servers to get as many points as possible.
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I Support. It will also give livestreamers something good to view.
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not really alot to say,i agreed with slycooper

also,if theres 3 of it,it do 75k,it gonna take tc sunked fast >.>

and yes,it could be a pain in ass to settup
no u

I like the idea, although I think 25k would be way to much. The staff are constantly having to sink tc to keep the tori economy balanced. Maybe 5k would be a better option. The other problem with this idea would be the obvious farming problem that comes with any tourney. I think if the prize was 25k, people would farm that server till the tc generator brakes.

Overall, I like this idea although I think the prize should be lowered.

~Mostly supported