Damn it Pusga, so you join that event too :c

Well, didn't like the first part so much though. The hits were flowing pretty well and looked destrcutive.
Transition to the skeet was a bit messy but that skeet was just great for me.
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Finished version of the replay for the event. This would be my submission (if I was allowed to change it).
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Well, opener looked okay, it llooked a bit boring before the first kick.
well, the first kick was great, didn't like how you contract your knee back after that kick.
Second kick was nice, and then that last kick was destructive and fast.

Well, Great flow and speed overall.
"People become stronger cause there are memories they won't forget."
You looked a bit sluggish throughout the replay, well at least for me.

The opener was meh, but you could get so much more speed from that kickoff.

First kick was good.

I know you had to contract that knee, but you could have done it so it would be less noticeable by relaxing it and not contracting all the way.

last kick had a nice boom, good job on that.

pose was fine.

I didn't see much speed, or flow honestly (maybe because my fps is 12 lol) but I know it could be a lot better.
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Opener was stylish but I feel the first kick could have set up quicker.
The boomhit was great and well executed. Also good aim on that.
Could have also been a tad cleaner but overall, nice replay.
The pose was alright.
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Holy shit, you blowed up uke very easily in this replay.
First kick is great, and the second just finished the first kick work. Good job
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