ankle dms are really hard

is sick af d00d
[UBO] [TMM] [FUTO] Leader [OSHI] [TTO] [Monk]
i really feel like your movements were better in this replay than all the other ones

this is the type of shit that makes me want to get good
pusga - Maetl
hory shet


i think openers are just openers now
love the use of your hand to get the ankle dms, which are also bliss af
lumbar dm is hot, along with the spin to the boom
the boom made me jizz a lil, let me check - yeah rip underwear
hot pose
replay had great flow overall, thanks for this treasure
this is a really pointless replay, i wonder for how long i can keep posting replays that are fun to make instead of replays that are actually good and still have 10 people reply
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oh yeah
Can you stop it, my Eyes exploded for the like 3235929th time whatching your replays.

First boom was insane, followup was great and bla bla your a god.


Kinda iffy on the first kick. its very purdy nothing wrong with the execution just dont like how some of dms came from the grab.
and by "dont like" i mean even with a smaller boom i still wouldve liked it equally as much.
what im trying to say is im being a nitpicky bitch because im mad jell and you'd do the same for me
second kick is hot yo rip uke's balls
Ishi4admin Wh-ORMO
your movement is really nice in this one, i really enjoy the unpredictability within your movement choices

you've gotten much better at retaining smoothness and straying from twitchiness