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Adding columns on the Torishop for 3D items
As we are getting new 3D items here and there, I'd suggest adding columns that separate the type of 3D items there are on the torishop page of the 3D items - like glasses, hats, face/head, back, legs/shoes, hands, miscs etc...It'd be much easier to find items that way, and maybe adding a "NEW" sign on top of the newly released ones, instead of having them all spread out like they are right now on the torishop.
Yes, it would be easier to find the item that you're really looking for. The 3d items column is a little bit unorganised.

For example there are other 3d items that you can find in the hair styles columns and some of them we can't really call them hair styles like santa beard, daimyo hat and gentleman's essentials.

I support this idea! (y)
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I believe this would be very much needed. If not now then definitely in the future. In terms of which categories to use, it could be categorized by items that can't be worn simultaneously. Generally, if two 3d items are mutually exclusive then they belong to the same category. There is an ongoing debate as to how we should treat face and head 3d items (allow to wear one or both at the same time), which would affect categories.
Adding to previous points, with a new ability for players to create their own 3D items we expect many more 3D items to come. Consequently, splitting them up into further categories will be a much needed improvement. Elevated
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Bump, almost 3 years and no advancement made, even with the "new forum overhaul".

Please, please do something about this. The 3D portion of the forums Torishop is visually unappealing when it is supposed to be the "main attraction" for people seeking new items. The amount of released items made it a cluttered mess to look at.

How hard is it to add a column that either sorts items by date, category or type in a vBulletin version that was released 10 years ago??