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season 7
i'd suggest to change the mod judofrac for ranked with any other, for example rk-mma or greykido

what do you guys think?

ill make a list of my suggestions and those from ppl:

possible mods in exchange with judofrac

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I'm gonna need all of you to start giving reasons for suggesting mods instead of "I think x is good", that doesnt count as discussion and anyone psoting that should read the rules
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tk should stay jf should be removed. jf is almost entirely luck and i always lose to noobs in it just from shitty fracs. at least tk takes strategy and planning.

rk should replace judo, rk is a underrated mod
Losing to noobs is not enough a strong reason to blame the mod. Predicting the said 'random' fracs still demands an effort. My opinion is that therefore judofrac is enough a competitive mod to be a mod for ranked fights. Though it is comparable with abd, it needs a player to plan his actions on another, a different level than abd.
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your infraction bluff is utterly apparent
Personally I like judofrac, it took me a while to like it but anyway

rk-mma is also a streaking mod, there's no need to put another streaking mod into the season's modlist

The only possible way I see here is just to change mod like
Lenshu -> rk-mma
ABD -> greykido
TK -> kickboxing(or smth)
Judofrac -> (to another judoish mod)

Also I don't understand why you don't like judo that much
This mods teaches you to generate your thoughts further and be unpredictable, better call it chess.tbm
Hi, if there will be a season 7, I want to suggest mods for the three categories


boxshu_mushu_v3 with fracs off

erth tk v2

Create a modified version of the mod/s listed above

If you guys remember TPL (Toribash Pro League) the cage and the greykido-like pads was a nice idea and now that we have the win point function, it could be treated as "health bars".

Also, a good pointing system should be implemented
1 point - shins/forearms
2 points - bicep/thighs
3 points - body
5 points - head
-1 point - groin :^)

- because the classic mods get boring
- TPL was a really good idea that wasn't pushed hard enough
- we have win points now
- toribash should be evolving :^)
- because they should make CL2020 elims be bo3 games first to 15 each game -or- first to 15
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