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Realm of the Mad God
Realm of the Mad God

What is Realm of the Mad God?
Realm of the Mad God is a MMORPG bullet hell game, where you fight monster, get better stuff, get better. There are a ton of doungeos you can enter and complete.

Note: Realm of the Mad God is a perma death game. If you die, you lose your charater.

Realm of the Mad God Players

Link to the game:
Free to play.
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EDIT: Cool game, I do really like it, the music gets a bit annoying tho.
My name is Aracat
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my name's hobomoose
i'll give you free def/dex/wis pots
also shields and other misc stuff i don't need anymore
don't talk to me or my dudes ever again
Why dont you drink the pots youself?

I got 6 basic maxed chars, i need some more spd tho.

Edit: Gargon, you can turn the music off in the options.
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