Nice set I had a 6/8 knight with a dblade, colo, cc armor and exa hp.
It tore shit apart until oryx 2 got to it.
Holy shit I totally forgot about this game
Willing to play once I figure out what email i used for it.

\o I have no clue if I'm allowed to revive this thread, but I'm trying it lol.

Anyone up to play? My user is Zomfierrr
I think mine's called Amethon, but I'm not sure. Haven't played in a long time. Got bulwarks wand (which was worth about 30-40 bucks), and then they made it soulbound
I sell TC and I give loans. PM me for info.
Need help with market? PM Ryan
<augans> youre my thiggist
<Muze> Id like to say, I don't apologize, I'm a tough guy in irl and I will be a tough guy in a video game. Ok that's it.