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I am thinking about downloading this game.

Any advise for beginners?

its been a while since last time i played and i'm nowhere near a very good level, but generally speaking try to learn strings ( small combos ) and try to learn what kind of combos each weapon type does.
no u

As you can see here im a brawlhala veteran
I used to play this game before on Ps4, so i am acutally older then what this title claims but i moved to pc
ill like to add something before saying what i wanted to say , i was way better on the playstation ( controller ) and i sold my playstation so i dont have a controller and now i am forced to play this game with mouse and keyboard, Controller is way better then mouse and key in this game thats for sure
while playing this game i mained tons of legends
diana , mordex , yumiko , some nix and now
my main is Petra
before petra i was on mordex, i changed from mordex to petra , first cuz petra got superior weapons, orb combos are insane
its way better, till now the time i first played with petra it was way easier and better so give it a try
Also petra bae
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