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thats because heihachi ws2 is nowhere near i12 wtf, its i18

i think you are misunderstanding? not sure how
if you know anything what heihachis ws2 looks like its a giant step to the side, i am talking about Armor King's ws2 its a 12 frame counterhit launcher mid that was beaten by an omen thunder god fist after Armor King had blocked my f4, the f4 leaves me at +4 on block and my 19 frame omen beat the 12 frame mid from armor king
Apologies the thread you were posting on was busted for so long, but I've just updated it.

Added the complete character roster and clickable links for each. I'll update the media section here next when I get the chance.

Also if you want to be added to the thread go ahead and post what platform you play on, since I pretty much only know that cowmeat and Hattersin play on PC.
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It's been a couple years since I did any kind of competing in Tekken, when I did I rarely made it out of pools. And I've pretty much only played Jin since Tekken 4.

How have you been doing with Tekken these days cowmeat? I saw some time ago when you were first getting into online ranked, you were getting into red ranks with more than a few characters and I was pretty impressed.
PM me with any and all questions
Waiting on the offline tournament season to start. Planning on finally travelling internationally after tournaments start again.
Been doing pretty good, obviously TGO these days. Nationally I'm doing pretty good in tournament placings, often 2nd after Jopelix who is still better than me. Goal for the future is to start beating Jopelix consistently and get top EU placings.

Keeping the grind up, Corona cant end too soon.
Damn guess I don't have to ask if you ended up liking the game in the end lol, that's awesome.

Well done on the success and best of luck in future tournaments, let me know if there's any matches I can watch.

We'll have to play online again sometime now that the netcode isn't completely terrible. I recall the last time we did it was rather unplayable.

The only online I've played recently has been against Hatt and some fellas from Spark, and it's been pretty good even playing with Hatt all the way in Sweden.
PM me with any and all questions
I'm still testing if I like the game, been testing for the past few thousand of hours.
Still not sure tho.

Yeah, lets give it a try someday.
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