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How to make a decent thread
Ok guys, this is a tutorial (sort of) on how to make a decent thread that won't be immediatly closed, a good thread is what I'm trying to say really.

Ok, let's cut to the chase.

Keep us updated!

And what I mean by this is to keep all your gaming threads updated with new info, be sure to included the sources! Also check to see that grammar is perfecto so people can actually read the thread.

Well what's the game about?
You can't just post a couple of pictures and a brief description and call it a thread. You have to include what the game is about such as story line, it's characters, it's genre and be sure to give credits to the producers! Also make sure your info isn't faulty. Like I said make sure to keep it all updated.

Keep it organized!

Make sure everything is in a nice format, so it's easier to get a better understanding of the game. Pictures in one section and info in the other and so on. Also don't post too many large pictures, because that takes up alot of space and is sort of annoying. Try to keep the pictures simple but the info detailed.

Everyone loves a sequel!
If you ever see or even HEAR about a sequel get to searching for information about and as soon as you gather enough, make a thread. But please make sure you use the search button before you actually make the thread. Someone could've already made it, therefore you've wasted your time.

Pc games
Everyone one has a gaming computer these days, right?
And everyone loves to install new games and play from day till` night.
But you can't just make a thread about the game and not post it's requirements. You don't want to have your reader buy a game they can't run now do we? Here is a helpful place to start. The can you run it test

Downloadable content
No game is complete without DLC, amirite?
After you've beaten a game several times and have beaten it on all difficulties unlocked all achievements/trophies, it's time for a new game right? WRONG! It's time to look for a new dlc. Google is your best friend when it comes to this stuff so be sure to search it up and update your thread. Be sure to include it's release date and detailed information!

You've just made a successful and detailed thread about a game everyone is soon to enjoy. Follow all these steps to get tons of viewers and subscribes. But no promises..

One last thing.

Search button is your friend aswell...

Don't make a thread on a game that has already been posted about!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and thank you!

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