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Super Smash Bros. Melee
Anyone play this? Region? What's your scene like? What's your local ranking?

Thread is for general discussion on competitive SSBM


Summit just ended. What were your thoughts on it?
Yes I play, I'm from Las Vegas so I go to the MLG tournament every time finals comes here.

I play local competitively but not in serious tourneys, just we all go to my friends house and throw 20$ in the pot, winner takes all.

I main Falco mainly, but I play a killer marth.

Didnt get to watch summit as I was in basic training

i miss you ocean
I play casually
I main Luigi cause his wavedash but I think im best with sheik
I the best in my friend group whatever that's worth ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Love the competitive scene and how far they've pushed this 19 year old game
I also hyped for ultimate
l l Fuck Aurarian l l
tristate region fox gamer whats up
im not really involved with the community anymore, and wasn't enough to be ranked
beat chillin and SG at xanadu though : D
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I'm Brazilian, i'm alredy fucked every day i wake up

i main falco and started playing it in like 2006-2007. i've never played in anything local or competitive but every time someone says they're "super good at smash bros" i play them and stomp them...

only person i know irl that is as good as me is my brother, the person who's played against me since 2006-2007.
Nice rofl link to set? @tyzi

I'm a "technically unranked" falcon main who has wins on the oregon state PR but i've done basically all my improving over the summer and the next rankings list doesnt come out till the end of the term. My only claim to fame is sick 0 deaths on gooder players than me

They put me as ivy (nickname) but you know Im repping the slybash tag

this is old but... this set is insane

if you don't have time to watch the whole thing skip to 11:00. mang0's IQ was through the roof

also, anyone excited for smash ultimate?
i’m trying to actually get good at the game after being shit on by some netplay gods. (tyzi being one of them)

any tips on where to start? trying to work on more fluid/consistent movement now.