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PSO2 - Phantasy Star Online 2

Phantasy Star Online 2 takes a departure from its predecessor by having its own continuity. Additionally, the story doesn't take place in a single planet or solar system; new planets to explore are added during the updates.
The plot of PSO2 concerns an intergalactic colony fleet called Oracle that travels through deep-space in search of habitable planets. The odyssey is handled by a large explorer organization called ARKS (not to be confused with Arkz from the previous game). The player is a new recruit in the organization, who becomes tangled in a situation that will later decide the fate of Oracle and the universe itself.

With the new NA servers for PSO2 for Xbox / PC just being released. I wanted to make a thread for people from the toribash community so we can group up and just hangout in game

I play the game on PC and I'm on ship 2

i would say if you want to start playing this game get PSO2 Tweaker to bypass the windows 10 store yeeting your game download off your computer on reboot.

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