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Toribash 5.5
Hi, Toribash 5.5 is now available on Steam for all platforms!
Get Toribash on Steam here:

What is new in Toribash 5.5:

  • Grip mode can be changed via gamerules menu (CTRL + G). Manual commands are /set grabmode and /set tearthreshold.
    • New grabs allow rotating whatever you're grabbing compared to fixed default grabs
    • Tear threshold is used to determine how much force is required to break the grab (0 is disabled)
    • Grab breaking depends on force direction - it's easier to break a grab when you're pulling something away and almost impossible when pushing

  • Ghost settings can be modified in gamerules menu. Manual commands are /set ghostspeed and /set ghostlength. To revert back to default ghost, use /set ghostcustom 0.
    • Ghost speed can be set from 0.1x to 5x
    • Ghost length can be set from 10 to 500 frames

    Using new grabs or ghosts in multiplayer will make the room unavailable for players on older versions of Toribash.

    • Only relevant settings are displayed (e.g. grab mode is only displayed when grabs toggle is checked)
    • Some setting names have been updated to be easier to understand
    • Settings that only allow specific values are now displayed as dropdowns or sliders

  • New flame forger (CTRL + L)
    • Preview up to 5 flames at once
    • General flame forging prices have been lowered and now depend on more flame parameters (meaning simple flames will be even cheaper)
    • New "relative gravity" setting to apply gravity relatively to bodypart your flame is linked to
    • If you already have flames equipped, they'll be initially loaded in forger with proper settings
    • Ability to forge flames directly from game client
    • Ability to save flames for future spawning
    • Ability to minimize flame forger without unloading flames (ctrl + shift + L)

  • New flame browser (access via flame forger)
    • View any existing flame by its ID
    • View general info about the flame - who and when forged it, how much did it cost, who currently owns it
    • Search for flames by their name / forger / current owner

  • Other minor updates
    • Multi-key search in replays menu
    • Updated visuals on error messages
    • New "/set curtf" command to modify current fight's turn frames while in single player
    • High DPI mode for Apple devices (requires Retina screen) - can be toggled from Graphics tab in Settings
    • Minimum screen resolution has been increased to 768x480
    • Allow loading mods without specifying .tbm at the end
    • Downloads should now be faster

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed win points not counting damage dealt from dismembers or fractures
    • Fixed damage threshold not scaling on heavy hits
    • Fixed joint position sometimes being displayed at a wrong position when it's linked to a rotated bodypart
    • Fixed a bug that could cause crashes when loading a mod with a motd

Merry Christmas!
btw i found bugs, at some condition, or some position, i cant grab/ungrab one of my hand. i only can press v. and then i cant move wrists and other joint such as knee. im playing in public room (judo). pls fix this issues
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btw i found bugs, at some condition, or some position, i cant grab/ungrab one of my hand. i only can press v. and then i cant move wrists and other joint such as knee. im playing in public room (judo). pls fix this issues

Also having issues with grabs. The game won't let me grab with the left hand at all during judo matches. Other mods seem to be working fine.
often when i view a replay and try to save i get an error message complaining about the menu not being able to load. when i then press esc twice to load the menu and then go back to the replay, which usually fixes it, i can no longer click joints with my mouse unless i reload the game.
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I have similar problems: often, when I click joints, they don't change state, thinking it was a mouse problem I tried another one but the same problem occurs. However, using x and z for changing joint state seems to work.
It seems to me that the problem is only online, even if it is not always there; the problem seems to start with the left wrist.

Also there are problems with panels overlap in user interface.

All these problem are from the last update, before everything was ok.
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Pushed an update:

  • Fixed a bug with some menus (notifications, quests) not unloading properly.
    This should also fix joint/hand clicks getting blocked issue
  • Fixed a bug that was ignoring numpad - (minus sign) on text fields that allow numeric input with negative values
  • New gui gamerules engagedistance and engagerotation now accept negative values
  • New gui gamerules grab tear threshold setting is now only displayed with rotatable grabs enabled (won't work otherwise anyway)

Standalone versions are coming later this week unless there's more bugs I need to fix with Steam first
Another update is now available:

  • Added neck bleeding on decap as per 0Achieve0's suggestion
  • Raised max number of blood particles from 256 to 368
  • Fixed a possible issue with game throwing "please download the newest version of Toribash" error when trying to join a room

Also standalone versions for Windows and macOS are now available:

There's been a bunch of changes to macOS installer compared to all previous Toribash versions:
  • is now notarized and shouldn't trigger Gatekeeper warnings (can just install and play)
  • All game data is now packed inside - this includes your custom folder, replays, mods and so on