Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
Once I bother to play more, meaning like once I'm done with finals I'll join you guys, my mains will probably be annie and malphite :V
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Hamster. I'm gonna add you.
Me and Lume are putting together a competitive team.

Right now our team is.
And we want you \o/

What level are your summoners and who do you main?
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Also, Gubbin is neat.

I just won another game using karthus. I like him so far. Definitely going to buy him.

He's a bit slow though.
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Coo' Chris.
I'm buying Gankplank next.
Gonna be a huge Pirate party.

Hamster I'm level 20.
( Well, Really 19 but real close to 20 )
And Lumee is 16.
But I'm a Old dota player, And i played HoN.
I was 1700 Psr,
With a 1.8 kdr.
I'm level 5 : <

Only got the game yesterday,
I use Janna,

I'm saving up for a really good character that uses either mage or range, advice?

I lost 1 game, won all the rest.

Add Zinxxx

Edit: You can find me in #toribash or #lol
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i take often gragas or ezrael !
sometimes also ryze :x
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