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oh wow thanks man i really appreciate that
but wait that rig is for the mudbox 2013 edition mudbox is on the 2016 edition will it still work?

most likely.
Doesn't seem to download
So I clicked the Blender rig. Scrolled down a bit.
Clicked >>>>Download<<<<< but the only thing that shows up is
a page with a text that says
"Previous next file"

this rigs needs to be updated with correct full body UVs.
I cant seem to do uvs by hand with different polycount on some joints.
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the link of tori for blender work but i cant download it from the site (i think the file is too much old) could you create a new link? or someone can give me the file?
I tryed the download from smartphone, it worked!
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The download seems to be broken (here), however, if you're looking for a fully mapped tori for texturing please visit #art on the toribash discord server

I've gone ahead and pinned it on that channel.

Just an update to any forum users looking for that.
if youre using the tori model from #art and youre using it for making items, make sure you make it ~2.845m tall, so the items you make will be the right size when exporting.