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[TEX] WIP New Templates
I bought a subscription to Wibbles so I think this quote is necessary,
"Be careful when gazing into the void, for it gazes back"
The Gms are looking for a new logo, and they are hosting a Head Texture of the Week event. Go check out those Events!
The Gimp Users org is hosting an event which looks pretty interesting
feel free to join in on the fun here
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A Gimp Users Sponsored Event.
This month we have a competition, every week another comp, in total of 4 weeks and we have the end of the competition, after the 4 steps.
Every step, one theme, one week, one piece of art different. Every steps points is going to add for the final result, so you have have a chance to change your result at every new step and new week.

No Flaming
No Spam
No Troll
one post per user.
No C/P
one entry allowed



Judging criteria:

Can be done with any Graphic software.
Make sure to assign it.
The first step is Head Texture

for the texture:
the head must be made for this competition,
you are free to do everything you want with it.
size: 512x512
preview max size: 1024x800px.
You can do everything you want

30k(5k plus for GU members)

Start Date:
May, 14 2012(Test Week, we need many competitors, more than 5)
end date: 4 weeks from the beginning

-=Art is never finished, only abandoned=-
Toribash 4.0 was released earlier today
Joint textures will be available from the torishop
I am looking forward to see what the community can produce with the new features
-=Art is never finished, only abandoned=-