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[README]Art Rules (UPDATED 19/06/17)
Art Rules
Infringements of these rules will result in an infraction/ban and posts being deleted.

Global rules obviously apply here.

General Rules
  • Plagiarism is not tolerated, and will instantly result in a ban.
  • Every thread requires a list of programs used to create your work (in cases of traditional art, list the tools used, i.e. HB pencils, watercolors, etc.)
  • Low-effort content is not allowed. Examples of low-effort content are (and not limited to): Montage parodies, MS Paint drawings, and poorly written literature.
  • Excessively large images (above 1000x1000 pixels) should be placed in a spoiler.
  • Posts along the lines of "Nice head!" and "Thank you"s following them are useless posts.
  • C/P art/textures are allowed, but reference images must be included.
  • Each thread should be labeled accordingly to the topic.
  • Please post constructively. If you like/dislike something, it doesn't hurt to articulate a bit.

Video Rules
  • Creators of music must be credited in the thread
  • Creators of replays must be credited in the thread.
  • Custom sets used that don't belong to the replay makers are to be credited

How to embed your YouTube video: the foolproof way

Texture Rules
  • The Art Board is for posting art. Talk of marketing artwork should be put in the Art/Textures section of the market, or through PMs.
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Oh hey I opened this thread so you guys could comment on the rules.

Anything you feel like we should add/change?
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Just a question. Why can't people post pivot?

Even if that thread wasn't there, I wouldn't post any, because I hate pivot.

I'm just curious as to why people aren't allowed to.

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maybe add a list of tag to the rules

or a link to them
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Originally Posted by AkumaBeast View Post
maybe add a list of tag to the rules

or a link to them

Well I'd say it's rather self sufficient.
[IMG],[VID],[WIP] and so on are all just simple abbreviations and acronyms.
I think this is the 3rd time I have suggested this, but whatever, going to again just because this is a new place to suggest it.
The current tag rules are redundant, and are not following the true intent of the rules. Not to mention they dont even really serve a function, as they are at the moment.

To illustrate this, take a look at the first page of the art sub-forum. Odds are all you will see are [IMG] tags, [VID] tags, and [WIP] tags.

What does this tell us? Pretty much nothing.
You will notice that most of the names of the threads themselves are far more descriptive. "First vector ever.", "Cartoon human set", "512x512 tribal/vector set".

It seems that simply by having a descriptive title we do not need redundant and purposeless tags.

I propose that instead of the tag rules, that you simply require a descriptive title. This will be far more intuitive, and will do the job a lot better than the tag system ever did.

Hopefully you will consider this idea.

Don't put "[IMG]" in your thread title.
Less than 10 percent of threads have are not images, and the ones that aren't should really be tagged appropriately anyway with something such as [VID] in a sub-forum primarily about visual art.

I also don't like the "YOU MUST CNC". It is horribly enforced anyway, and the definition of CnC is subjective. I could probably look around right now and find 50-100 posts on the front page alone that aren't CnC.

Oh, and "threads that are not posted on for a day or 2 should not be revived"? Sounds silly to me. It should be at minimum a week.

And the "dont post pivot" is as stupid as the "dont post ms paint" rule. I am not even sure how you came up with that rule, but it is pretty stupid.

"Don't Post Copy - Pasted Textures" I loled. Does Vermine/Aerox/50% of the texture community know about that rule? XD
That one should be removed too, lol.

For the sake of completeness, why is there even a "dont put 56k warning in your title" rule? Shouldn't you just umbrella to "dont post obvious things in your title", or better yet, just dont even put that down, since it should be obvious. Besides, is it really a big problem if people post that in their title? I am not on 56k, but I still appreciate the warning. The posted reason behind it is stupid anyway, it is no longer a warning specifically towards people with 56k, but just that the thread is image heavy.
I am sure that I am not the only one to have sub-par internet connection, and especially when I am multi-tasking I do not want to click to an image heavy thread.
IMO, it should not be disallowed.

On reviewing the global rules I realised that a lot of the Art forum rules are just global rules reworded.
3. Keep On Topic

Don't post in a thread unless you're contributing to it somehow. This includes posting about things irrelevant to the thread, and posting without any actual content (posts like "yes" and "nice" and "k") that clutter the threads.

Constructive criticism is appreciated and enforced. Here's how.
Comments without any criticism, for example "7/10" or saying "Nice" will be infracted.

7. No Bumping Old Threads

Please check the date of the last post in a thread, and don't post there if it's no longer relevant.

Don't revive old threads.
Threads that have not been posted on for a day or two have been left to die. Posting in these threads is considered against the rules. Only the original poster or someone affiliated with him may revive a thread, if he/she has any updates to add.

9. No Vague Thread Titles

These are titles like "question", "what do i do", and "oh man you have to check this out." Titles like this don't tell us what's in the post, and if we have to look at a whole page full of them things get confusing fast.

VS (in conjunction with my previous argument)
Every thread requires a tag.
Once you want to post a thread, be sure to add a tag.
Tags are posted with Brackets, depending on what you present, you add tags like [VID]/[IMG]/[SET]/[RIG] etc.
Only one Tag per thread. Not more, not less.

Seems like the only extra rule the sub forum requires is "If it is shit/takes no effort, do not post it"
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tag's are necesary, the reason we close the threads is because theres no other way to bring accross our point that PEOPLE MUST READ THE RULES. its an easy way to identify those that we need to keep an eye on/help give some advice to.
atleast twice a day i PM some people/new kids warning them about their lack of rule knowledge. people who post threads without tags fall into that bracket sometimes.
people dont read them. we punish them for it. if they forget, they can ask us to add them if we havent closed it by that stage.
i dont see an issue with the tags.

threads that have not been posted on in 2 or 3 days are generally 3 or 4 pages back. we have to set a limit. im willing to extend it to 5 days, no more. i cannot moderate 4 pages of art board by myself, unless the smods/admins want to give me some help maybe? i know im doing an ok job of keeping it covered, but some help from someone who's going to check the board a little more thouroughly might help...
(yes im saying that in public. ive asked the admins for another mod befor and got no response.)

the CnC rule doesnt get enforced too strictly. we only usually have issues with those "lol nice 10/10" comments, which i deleted TWENTY of this morning.
no issues with it.

the dont copy paste rule i have no issue with, if maple wants to close them all, he can do that himself.
(yes im also being quite blunt on that one aswell)

56k warning isnt really a 56k warning. i have a cap limit to worry about at work and a slow line at home, id liked to be warned about massive/many images inside threads. seeing as i open every single thread that gets posted, it can take quite a toll my line.
id like to have that rule put back in.
make my life easier.
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The don't post pivot rule is due to the generally spectacularly low quality products that people make from it. It's also partially because of the fact that they more or less all look a like, and that the Grand Pringle Lord decided that he didn't like them. Besides, anything that can be done well in Pivot can be done better in Flash. MS Paint I believe follows the same set of thinking, but has an even more annoying excuse behind not following it. At the very least download GIMP (it's free and it's better than that thing Windows comes with).

I wouldn't mind CnC being enforced a bit more, even though I never read this place, because otherwise it seems like a giant and rather exclusive circlejerk.

The tag system is, if nothing else, a good way to get people to read the rules to find out why their first thread was closed. Descriptive topic titles would be nice, but I'd like them in Support before Art. :<
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What does that 'Don't post copy-pasted textures' rule really mean? I remember there was years ago a rule that said every time you copy-paste something into your texture, credit it. Is this the same?

Nowadays I see there much sets that are done 75% with copy-paste. But I never see where they are taken from. And that's against copyright laws. So, are you going to do something?
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no, maple means you cant post a CP set at all.
it all depends on how you make it as to whether or not its illegal. if you do what vermine/aerox do, which is take a random stock, which is like a sci fi scene, then turn it into a character concept, i dont see the issue with it, cus the result bears no resemblance to the stock.
those that take a head and turn it into a head while keeping the same details and then selling it for creds, thats another more delicate matter. we're moving into making profit off other peoples work, then do credits relate to profit outside of RL? etc etc.

iv got no issue with bringing back the "credit the artist" rule, would be happy to enforce that.
but a no CP set rule. not gna gel with me.
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