Artist: victortb
Previous owner: victortb
Size: 128x128 (but it looks good ingame)
Proof of ownership: i made it

thanks, added ~Arctic
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retired replaymaker | discord: victortb#9592
I am the artist. So I technically own this, but making it free. size is 512x512


Proof of ownershit: i have a previous wip.


thanks, added ~cats
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"Dear reader, I hope this email finds you before I do."
Sci-Fi death head.
Programs used: GIMP 2.8
Artist: 1002003
Prev. Owner: 1002003
Proof of Ownership: Screenshots through process of making it. I attached them.
Size: 512x512


spinny orb

I also attached the head tex if it makes it easier for you.
Enjoy :>

ありがとう -Nagato
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well, here's a couple

Artist: ThePirateKing
Previous owner: N/A
Size: 512 in most, if not all.. i think
Proof of ownership: http://forum.toribash.com/showthread.php?t=496989

- Anime Maybe?

- Happy Girl

- Event Entree - Calamity's Finish It!

- Pokeball Head Texture

- Monkey?

- Upside-Down Head

- TPK Horror Head

- Gintama - Elizabeth Thigh/Shin Texture

- Mumen Rider (ft. Calamity)

- dogxcat

Green Monster

Purple Monster

thanks, added ~cats
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Artist: Pheature
Previous owner: Wetness
Size: 512x512
Proof of ownership: http://imgur.com/a/41Tii

Head :D


thanks, added ~cats
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you're on thin ice, pal


Program used was GIMP
Artist: JanoV
Just trying to get my name out in the art community
Proof of ownership: link

In Game

thanks, added ~cats
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Ancient Ent Head
took me like 25-40 minutes in Gimp 2.8
I've been working on depth and shading, and thought this would look cool with an orc set.

512 Flat

Proof of Concept

thanks, added ~cats
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All made by me.


i know you made those but please add some proof next time, added ~cats
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Head texture by xninja1332
2nd head texture ever made by me


Can we have proof you made that? Screenshot the window of the program you used to make this
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NINJA DAB (>0_0)>
Hedgheog Head..
Artist: 264Axel
Previous Owner: 264Axel
Size: 512x1024
Proof: i made it my self in Medibang Paint Pro soo i want to give it free.
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