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[Art&Texture] Haku's 2D GALS
Hello guys, I'm getting back into art, and I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread and show some of my stuff.
I'll be posting not only toribash textures but arts in general, (mostly anime I guess).
One spoiler will be made for texture/toribash related stuff only, and the other one will be made for arts in general. I hope you guys like it.
CnC is always welcome. (All of them were made using a mouse, but I'll get myself a drawing tablet as soon as possible !)

Lets start off with some textures, shall we?

Toribash Related Art

General Art

Programs used:
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Paint Tool SAI 2
Autodesk Mudbox 2017
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bulldoboy 4 life <3

I like the succubus one the most - you've gotten really good at anime style, Haku.

Finding a way to fill in the hair will be your next goal id believe. Instead of it being plain colored, give it some hair texture
You did well with it for the succubus one.

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dam these are the best anime heads I've seen in like forever

: ))))

nice job

"cartoon head" needs work on the eyes tho
Thanks for the kind comments and for the tips, WeooWeoo and Veoo ! It means a lot ! : D
Also i've been out for some days, Life's been keeping me busy
Totally not procrastinating
But here's my most recent work, well,
Some people told me to make a head in 1024 x 512, and so I did...
But when I tried to upload, it totally ruined the quality, so yeah, i had to resize to 512 to make it look acceptable, but it still ruined..
So yeah, I'm kinda upset about it, and I won't be making any heads in 1024 x 512 anymore.
But.. here's the final look, something a little more different from what I'm used to do, but I still enjoyed the final result:

Angel's egg girl

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bulldoboy 4 life <3

Dude I wish im good as you at shading T.T really really nice work!
I do simple Arts and oh I accept head requests anime and cartoonish style only🤘🏻
Haha, I'm glad you liked it! , but, no it's not, sorry. it was a gift for Miracle11. But you can ask him if he's willing to sell it!

Also, I've been procrastinating a little bit from posting... I know, it's a shame.
This was my most recent work, I finished it like 1 week ago, requested by Blackbooster.
Hair is a little bit different.... kinda.

blonde guy

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bulldoboy 4 life <3

Thanks for the comments implore <3 ily
Guess whos back, back again
Been a long time guys, finally bought my tablet

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Another wiperoni


Never inactive, just slow sometimes.
bulldoboy 4 life <3