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Taekkyo's Video Thread
So, i got the idea to make my Youtube Thread, where i can post my Toribash and other edits.

Also, you can send me replays, some of them i will use in my further videos.

Software i use : Cinema 4D + Adobe After Effects + Toribash "RPL2OBJ" script by barbarbar - https://forum.toribash.com/showthread.php?t=610219.

Damned Clan Video. 2019

Infinity. 2019

There is some message. 2019

Not Gonna Die, my first attempt to render in Blender :3. 2019

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I Love Lil Shine!
Hi, the videos are really cool but, there is something I wanna share that I leant when it comes to the atmosphere (shaders) with clips/replays.

here is the guide by Datskip; http://forum.toribash.com/showthread.php?t=503457
the reason why I bring this up is because, sure the default shaders looks fine but, to get more mmph sorta say to a dark metal/rap song, I'd suggest choosing a dark shade(rs).
Let's bring up an example of what I mean;

The dAMNED 2019 video at 0:00-0:25 is fine with the default shaders, but as soon as the beat drop I would change the shaders to something like studio to get more feeling of how dark the song is. You did a great job on the 3rd video because the song is very dark.

Other than that I wanna say the videos are phenomenal, have a pat on your back!

PS. Have some replays from me ;)
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I do not use Toribash anymore for recording footage, but thanks for sharing the thread and tips you wrote. I'm glad you like my videos, thank you very much :heart:
I Love Lil Shine!
cool videos

that blender rend is fucking nuts wtf
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EMS (Emergency Medical Services) | PT
não dói joca
aight so basically you are pretty cool
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static | toad (ormo) max | haku

Not edited, 1 frame from my new vid. Replay by Haluejah.

And now some strange picture ://
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I Love Lil Shine!
these are pretty damn fancy B]

here are a bunch of my replays you can use for future videos
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