happy crimmas you too
The video is out, bois!!
Well, i screwed, just... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCCIzKtAXdE

i think that's it
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I Love Lil Shine!
To tal ly do pe !

Also, i loved the lights mood you give to the video.

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idk why i havent commented on this yet god damnthe graphics are as expected, breathtaking. the music was nice but the video felt off, it seemed as if there wasnt enough sync between the replays and the song and the whole thing felt like a gnarly replay showcase instead of an edit.

still rocked my socks off
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não dói joca

Ok, that's my new edit, no Blender or Cinema 4D used, only tb recordings, only hardcore [I was suppa-duppa lazy doing all this blender and cinema stuff, lol]
I hope you guys enjoy it.
Music - Attila - Bulletproof.

I Love Lil Shine!