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Toribash is on my skin, permanently.

finally got this tattooed
As torilegend, I felt really compelled to get Toribash forever marked on my skin. I do this for you, my children.

finally got this tattooed
amaaaazing!!! makes me want to get a toribash tattoo now
Nomad Moderated Message:
Be more straightforward with your uplifting messages or I'll fucking skin you alive.
Now add the WAPOW win clan logo to your other arm
Indonesian? | Magical Mode!
Chronoptic energy bursts from one plane to the other, evaporating anything it touches.

Is this a yellow name application? If not it should be

<Erf> SkulFuk: gf just made a toilet sniffing joke at me
<Erf> i think
<Erf> i think i hate you
I will gladly bestow the flame of official legendhood