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alejandro's sets
Hey! due to this post stating:
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Hi, I've had to delete quite a few posts in this thread; mostly expressing amazement at the seller's art. This is because they violate this specific rule:

Its best the community uses the Art board to appreciate Alejandro's work and keep this thread to strictly trading.

Thank you.

I will now post my sets here, as well as post in my thread on my last 10 sets since I've had people contact me on discord only to give some words of appreciation to the art, which means a lot, I really thank you guys so much!

I will keep this brief since I've already expressed much love of gratitude towards this game and its community on my market thread. This is a showcase

All programs used on all sets

sets' pictures are all under 1000x1000, but they're a lot so I have put them under only one spoiler because I've never believed in putting art behind a spoiler, hope that's fine!


(post looks dead without some color & i love dis visual these are some of my favorites)
Thank you so much again for all the kind words, especially the ones that sadly had to be removed on my thread shoutout to you cottage core set owner I remember you were really sweet
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hell yeah I'm First to comment here. but yeah thanks for making a thread like this for apprieciation to avoid you KNOW what has happened to the others from your previous thread, so anyhow, looking forward for your 3 remaining sets and 1 set for the community, its amazing so far, LEGEND FOR ALEJANDRO.
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wow. these have to be some of the best sets iv ever seen. hope you keep making more
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Alejandro, these sets look amazing!

Congrats on these beauties, they truly are incredible.
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HM for death monarch?

oh 25 mil tcs or $250 , I'm Joking he only makes sets not sell them
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awe man.... thanks for the heads up...if he comes around ill pay USD. if he ever sees this