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ranked ideas
saw sir say this in another thread and i went on a tanget
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Speaking of ranked though, we can ditch the monthly resets and do them once every 3 / 6 months, though that'd imply you get less rewards.

i feel like it should imply the opposite, with a 6 month deadline for ranked resets you could really go all out on the top rank or 2, maybe jointed 512 sets or something unique to each season for those who finish in the top 10 i think a longer timeframe would really bring some balance to ranked, it currently feels like u have to be there the first 2-3 days or u miss out on getting anywhere decent elo wise, most ppl wont play during the bulk of the month and then you see everyone grinding last second the night b4 the season ends.

i also think adding a massive ui button/section for ranked play, so it would be Replays > Free play > ranked > multiplayer(server list)

maybe even something where after a month or so of the ranked season those in the top 5,10, or 20, can only queue with those in the top 20, it would lock them out of abusing the masses and give room for them to catch up, and it allows for more intense gameplay for the top 20,

the players can have a schedule they put out when they are usually active on their ranked page, and players can schedule their fights if necessary, the fights can be livestreamed and made into a big event or show of high level toribash for a wide audience

i think if done right it can make the fights for the best of toribash to be more rewarding than just farming for crazy high elos against borderline npc's and more about solidifying your spot with your skill in challenging combat, matches may be more sparse but that will make it easier to livestream/make content out of, help give players the ability to make a name for themselves

i think with a system similar to this it could generate more hype around toribash and maybe give an idea of what a gold standard for toribash skill looks like, more rewarding gameplay, high elo feels more inclusive and special,gives something "meaningful" for beginners to strive for ,separates the best of toribash from the masses for less farming, unwinnable matches for beginners

my ideas are just crude examples so they definitely would need to be revised/changed but you get the picture im trying to paint i hope
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Just a bunch of nuances, all they need to do is make an actual official season again instead of this monthly stuff. You'll have all the actual good people on top of it again.
I would play more ranked if some of the non popular mods were changed to anything else and matching the matches faster in anyway.